Board of Advisors


Nick DeMartino (Chair)

President, Nick DeMartino Consulting
Nick DeMartino is President, Nick DeMartino Consulting, a strategic advisory firm that works with companies on digital content and distribution strategy, partnerships and marketing initiatives. Companies he has advised include media companies, technology companies, tran...
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Chris Eben (Vice Chair)

Managing Partner at The Working Group
As a mentor, investor and community event organizer, Chris is a tireless advocate for all things entrepreneurial. He helped to bring Startup Weekend to Canada, running some of the biggest events among the global Startup Weekend community, and organizes the Toronto chapte...
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Andrew Bailey

Chief Executive Officer, North America, The&Partnership
Andrew Bailey is Chief Executive Officer, North America at The&Partnership. His ability to navigate the intersection of brand and digital has made him a leading advisor to some of the world’s most prominent brands. He has led and grown regional and worldwide cli...
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Allen DeBevoise

Chairman of the Board at Machinima Inc.
Allen DeBevoise is the Chairman of the Board at Machinima Inc., the dominant video entertainment network for young males around the world. Machinima's global network features original content, premium episodic series, fan-created gameplay videos, official content from ga...
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Christopher Barnard

President, Points International Ltd.
Christopher, President of Points International Ltd., co-founded the Corporation in 2000 and is a member of the Corporation's board of directors. He is responsible for corporate strategy, product development, corporate development and financing activities as well as inve...
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David Gale

Co-Founder and CEO, We Are Mighty
David Gale has been an executive and award-winning producer in the entertainment business for over 20 years. In his previous role as Executive Vice President of MTVX, Gale oversees a new cross media group that re-shapes the way MTV incubates, develops and produces conten...
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Shawn Hardin

Serial Entrepreneur
Mind Pirate develops mobile games and cutting-edge game technology that take full advantage of the unique capabilities of current smartphones and tablets as well as next-generation mobile wearable devices, such as Google Glass. Before Mind Pirate, Shawn was an Entrep...
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Robert Montgomery

CEO, Achilles Media Ltd.
Robert Montgomery is a Toronto-based entrepreneur, investor and adviser focused on the digital media and information technology industries. Robert is CEO of business-to-business media and facilitation company Achilles Media Ltd as well as investment company First Maxi...
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Paul Woolner

Founder, 4Sight Partners
Dr. Paul Woolner is a successful entrepreneur and business advisor. Paul's consulting practice focuses on the design and implementation of high performance organizations and has included Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial enterprises. His speciality has been assisting entre...
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