Enriching the ownership of objects through visual storytelling and digital technology.

Check back soon as we reveal our ideas on magical objects!

Wondereur 1.0: Enriching art collecting

The beta version of Wondereur, currently available as an iPad and web app, features weekly photojournalistic essays revealing the dreams and struggles of contemporary artists, whose artwork readers can buy directly from our iPad app.

If you have an iPad, please download Wondereur for the full experience, but here's a glimpse of what you'll see in the app.        

We're rated close to five stars in the app store, and have lots of love from users in the reviews:

  • "I can spend hours here!" – Sean Scorchez
  • "I felt I had been let into a personal space that few are allowed into." – C&Oz
  • "One app that will not get cut from my iPad." – CourtenayDavidson
  • "Pure awesomeness!" – Chicachicapowpow

Wondereur's media notices have been pretty good, too:

  • "Sleek and stylish... an ultra-modern museum for tech lovers." – Trendhunter
  • "It's fab and it's free." – Deidre Kelly, the Globe and Mail
  • "Cool new app selling art but also showing each artist's process and inspiration." – Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow
  • "A great way for curious readers to learn about current artists' work without the invisible, yet palpable feeling that often separates art insiders from the rest of us." – PadGadget
  • "I'm fascinated with Wondereur." – DesignMom

Those responses have encouraged us to think long and hard about how and why people are connecting with Wondereur, and where we go from here...   

Wondereur 2.0: Enriching collecting of all kinds     

Our big ambition is to transform how ownership is experienced – beyond the world of art.   

We want to do that by leveraging technologies such as augmented reality to really push the concept of linking storytelling, collecting and technology.    

That's why we want to win a spot in the IdeaBOOST program – so that we can develop that experience. If you're intrigued by our story and concept, please share and boost us now, and check back on our page over the IdeaBOOST voting period, as we reveal more about our vision – and give you more reasons to back us.   

To find out more about us, check out these links:

Website: wondereur.com

Facebook: facebook.com/wondereur

Tumblr: wondereur.tumblr.com

Twitter: twitter.com/wondereur

by Angelica Fox