Motion Panels+


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Two separate fates, two separate worlds... to be united for eternity! Could an angel and demon ever find love? See how Flour, one of the heaven's mail separators, and Coin, hell's delivery man, defy all odds.

About Motion Panels+:

From static print to dynamic moving pictures, Piglion Studio brings you an engaging animated and interactive version of your favorite comic books and graphic novels for your mobile devices as a Motion Panels+ app. In your device's portrait mode, read the story as it was intended for print page by page. Rotate the device to landscape mode and see the story come to life as they are animated panel per panel.


  • Reader Mode - Flip your device to portrait orientation to view the actual manga pages.
  • Player Mode - Flip your device to landscape orientation to watch the selected panel come to life as an animation.
  • Achievements - In Player Mode, watch the Motion Panels+ to unlock achievements and share them to your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

    ... and more!

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    The Motion Panels+ Mixer app is a tool aimed at content creators who wants to develop their own Motion Panels+ titles. Creators can easily import their artwork in the app, build their comic pages and animate them on the fly. Their completed titles will be showcased in the in-app gallery or can be linked to the creators' own websites.

    *Work-in-progress interface design subject to change.

    But are we limited to comic books only?

    The Motion Panels+ can be modified for children's books and even "choose-your-own-adventure" stories, turning them into instant visual novels!

    Sounds interesting? We have more features in-store so please give us a boost and help us towards the completion of the Motion Panels+ project. Your support is highly appreciated!


    UPDATE: 2013-03-28

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