BeMused Network


A discovery service specializing in connecting global netizens with local performing arts content.

A social enterprise.

We are a cause that is manifesting itself as technology that empowers our artists and encourages the audience to rediscover them.

We are so blinded by the massive spotlights of Hollywood and the likes that we miss the creative genius next door who jumps through hoops of fire for us to appreciate her creations. 

Artists create beautiful things and tell wonderful stories through sounds, images and movements. They trigger in us the universal language of emotions, the laughters, the tears, the thrills, and the triumphs that are deep within all of us.  BOOST us to help raise their profiles.

Not too long ago, local communities connected with their artists because we shared the same histories and expriences.  But in today’s digital age, we are flooded by ubiquitous mass media telling us what is good and what is not.  We find ourselves herded into bubbles and disconnected—among other things—with the artists-next-door.  Check out the video below!

A simple idea.

BeMused is an online service that allows audiences to connect with their local artists.  Through a slick web interface and an intelligent recommendation system, users can not only discover performances that are closely related to their interests, but also crowd-request concerts, musicals, comedies, plays, etc. Media content that featured these artists will be featured, as well as information about upcoming live performances.

At what stage is the project?

Good will and helping hands have taken us pretty far, but as a company, execution still requires some seed money.  With the lion's share of the design of the initial service already completed, we have gone further than we thought we could. But now, we are looking for $$$ that will allow us to hire a developer to help complete our beta.  You haven't clicked on BOOST yet?

We are still an early-staged startup and have focused our efforts and resources on all aspects of design (visual, user experience, etc.), as well as connecting and understanding our target users.  We have been extremely lucky to have professionals offering their creative and technical expertise to help us create a top-notch service.  We never cease to be amazed at the enthusiastic responses from complete strangers and their offers of assistance.

Your BOOST will go a long way to making BeMused a reality.  Thanks for the BOOST!