Fall 2014 Cohort


Tune Stars

TuneStars is a tech startup focused on the intersection between social media, music, and mobile devices. They build products that engage music fans, artists, and the industry in a whole new way. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The first of its kind, TuneStars is an app through whi...
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Changio is a next-generation media and rewards company. Changio believes the future of marketing, advertising and communications will be built on having brands establish, build and deepen relationship with their customers by using insights, rewards and incentives. PRODU...
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MBLOK is a hardware company with the goal to ensure users will never have to worry about bad internet connection ever again. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: MBLOK is developing a platform that reinvents the way how corporate files are shared. By combining the benefits of Cloud sim...
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Silm Cut Media

Toronto-based SlimCut Media creates new premium advertising opportunities for online publishers. SilmCut Media gives easy access to advertising demand through in-article video ad units and engages consumers with reader reward programs. SilmCut Media combines these feature...
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Vertical is a Waterloo-based startup developing vision-based intelligence technology for the commercial drone industry. The core product is a combination of sensors and computing that enables a drone to perceive its environment and function autonomously. PRODUCT DESCRIP...
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