Weirdwood Manor


The Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor is a unique interactive storytelling experience, written and developed by a team of writers, game designers, and developers with a shared passion for great stories.

Weirdwood is about great stories—reading, writing, and sharing them. We hope our stories and tools inspire kids to explore their imagination and write their own stories.

Weirdwood Manor isn't a short story with some animation tacked on, or a child's picture book with cute little interactive hot-spots. When we set out to create this, we wanted to make something that landed somewhere between a full-length novel, agame, and an animated feature film—something much bigger than your average "Interactive Storybook".

At its heart, Weirdwood is about story. It's a novel and is meant to be read. Theartworkpuzzles, and subtle animations help bring that story to life, but are ultimately there to enhance what is being read, not to distract from it. It's an experience unlike anything else we've seen out there. A novel—not a "storybook"—but still, much more alive than your traditional paperback. And that's why we call it a "Living Novel". It seemed the best way to describe this new approach to storytelling!

As you help Oliver and his friends with their journey, you’ll discover the Story Builder—a feature that allows you to create your very own stories!

 Start by selecting from a collection of backgrounds and props, and grow that collection via in-app updates and collecting assets rewards via discovery within the main Weirdwood storyline. Position props in a scene and record animations and an optional voiceover to build scenes. Create stories with one scene or many, and start building your very own library of tales. It’s easy to use and hours of fun!

A stunningly beautiful experience, it is packed with adventure, intrigue, and of course, fun, helping to illustrate to kids the importance of using their imagination! This isn't just an animated storybook that kids sit and watch. It’s part book, part game, and part animated film.

Each book will include contextual games, puzzles, hidden objects, and collectiblesthat help kids participate in the progression of the story, educate them on the backstory and little known details from the rich tapestry that is the Weirdwood Manor world. It's critical for us that kids feel captivated by the environments they see, the characters they meet, and details they discover so they feel invested in the stories they read.

Of course! While Weirdwood is primarily crafted towards a younger audience, it’s really for anyone who enjoys a good story and is young at heart.

We’re an enthusiastic team of industry-seasoned producers, designers, developers, and animators with a shared passion for great stories. Since we’re also parents, uncles—and let’s face it, big kids at heart—we’ve longed for an experience like this. Unable to find one, we decided to put our combined skills to work and just make it!

The Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor is a 100% All Play, No Work creation—from concept to execution—lovingly crafted by a small but passionate team spread across three cities: San Francisco, Toronto, and Vancouver. 

Our core team consists of:

  • Steve Huber - Executive Producer
  • Paul Pattison - Technical Director
  • Sacha Raposo - Creative Director
  • Luke Minaker - Artistic Director / Lead Writer / Lead 3D Animator
  • Jack Ront - iOS Developer
  • Javier Mora Cano - iOS Developer

Weirdwood Manor
by Paul Pattison