Mediazoic creates customized streaming solutions for people and brands.

Here is an example of what one of our solutions looks like (click the image to open a working player):

CFC Media Lab Office Playlist

Internet Radio for Brands (current) - Our system simplifies the creation of an online radio presence by tackling the two biggest obstacles in doing so - building a mobile-compatible cross-platform player and licensing the music.

Cross-platform player: In our commercial solution, audio is easily loaded and every single interface element in the player can be enabled or disabled with the click of a mouse.

Music licensing: Our licensing deals represent the music catalogues of more than 1000 record companies (including the majors), representing the majority of all sound recordings and music videos produced and/or distributed in Canada.

The RadioMogul Project - In order to make this system powerful enough to serve commercial clients, we put certain elements out of reach of would-be personal users, because some knowledge of CSS and HTML is required in order to graphically format the stations.

We set out to work with ideaBOOST to create a WIZARD-BASED PLAYER DESIGN SYSTEM so that not only commercial clients but pretty much anyone could create, customize and curate their own station using our system.

Since joining the ideaBOOST program however, the RadioMogul concept has evolved somewhat. We've heard from lots of folks that RadioMogul is a really cool brand name and immediately evokes an image of what we do across all our clients, whether big or small, and so is probably a better name for our current service than Mediazoic, which, in fact, was never meant as a name strictly for an audio streaming service.

So, RadioMogul is a turnkey music platform which enables online tastemakers to express their musical tastes by creating their own online radio station in less than an hour. This station can then be leveraged across owned media properties (digital or physical) and, because it's internet radio, it can be streamed through devices, in cars and in physical locations (like retail environments, etc) - in short, everywhere radio is.

Stay tuned for our big announcement at the ideaBOOST Cohort 3 launch event on May 8 at Steam Whistle!