introducing the bublcam

The most innovative 360º camera the world has ever seen.

The bublcam is a consumer ready spherical camera and together with our software technology suite, you are able to captures and displays 100% of the spherical range through panoramic photos and videos. Take the camera virtually anywhere, hit record and experience the world around you. The cameras innovative tetrahedral design allows the 4, 190º lenses to overlap capturing everything inside what we’ve dubbed a digital bubl. It’s even small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Experience a bubl


software for all screens

Our goal is to provide you with bubl content on all of the devices you use everyday. Your computer, tablet and mobile phone will be able to look up, down and in every direction to deliver a really immersive experiences. Bubl software allows you to feel like you’re actually there at the centre of incredible moments. Currently available on desktops and on iOS devices, but we won’t stop there. Android device compatibility is just around the corner.

it’s all in the stitch

The true innovation of the Bublcam is it’s software that allows a single, 4 quadrant multiplexed image to be stitched into a sphere. We utilize a heat mapped blending process in order to blend the final photos and videos. These are what we like to call digital bubls. Bubls can also be separated from the multiplex into individual photos or videos and stitched into standard equirectangular format. This allows for spherical development and playback from other applications like Video-Stitch and Kolor products.

inside the camera

The innovative patent-pending tetrahedral design allows the 4, 190º lenses to overlap. The casing is reinforced by 4 solid aluminum die-cast structural rings.


The bublcam is capable of recording video at 30fps at 720p HD, 15fps at 1080p HD and exports MP4 format. It records a multiplexed 4 quadrant image that can be dynamically blended or converted into an equirectangular.


Photos are captured at full resolution which is 3840 X 3840 14.7 mega pixel JPEG. This can be stitched dynamically or a panoramic image can be outputted.


The bublcam utilizes a 190º, 2 mega pixels fisheye lens. The OmniVision sensor captures 5 mega pixels and has high quality low-light vision.


You can save your media directly to the Micro SD Card, which can be a maximum of 32GB. The bublcam currently records 1MB per second. You can also record via the USB 2.0 connection.


The internal Wi-fi 802.11g unit will allow you to LIVE stream your video to a PC or mobile phone. You can use Bubl Apps for blended streams or multiplex through VLC or Quicktime.


The bublcam records audio in MP3 format and it is encoded directly into the exported MP4 video.

Featured Project: 

Bubl is working with Body/Mind/Change to create a multi-platform immersive narrative and players experience first-hand.

Body/Mind/Change is the digital experience extension of the film exhibition David Cronenberg: Evolution. A Lance Weiler project and co-production with TIFF and CFC Media Lab, Body/Mind/Change takes audiences through a Cronenbergian storyworld inspired by the film Videodrome, but reimagined for the 21st century and brought to life across three platforms – online, mobile, and the real world. With plotlines and game mechanics involving biotechnology start-ups, body enhancements, and emotional learning systems, Body/Mind/Change presents the plausible science fiction found in Cronenberg’s work as science fact.   

about bubl

Bubl Technology was founded in 2011 by Sean Ramsay, immersive technology enthusiast and digital strategist. Google StreetView made many people aware of the possibilities in capturing spherical imagery, but they and others have yet to make the technology affordable, truly portable of available for consumers. Our goal was to change that by providing a portable unit (slightly larger than a baseball) at a retail price point.   

Bubl has taken the last 2 years to develop the Bublcam to be a consumer ready spherical camera that captures 100% of the spherical range through panoramic photos and videos. Although we are very proud of the camera we have been able to produce, it would not be much without the bubl software. It allows users to look, up, down and in every direction and fully interact with the content they and others have created.   

Our goal, is to disrupt those markets that require a tool to map the world, capture inspirational sports moments, showcase tension from inside a political movement, cover treacherous weather events, secure personal or retail property, video conference a meeting, share a 4 year olds first day at school or just tell a really good story.

built with developers in mind

We are developing an open software API and hardware SDK to allow developers the ability to create applications we couldn’t ever envision. We have also successfully leveraged API’s for Oculus Rift and Leap Motion to both view and control bubl photos and videos. We will be offering our development applications to developers to help bring more experiences for these devices to life.

upload and share through the cloud

We’ve connected our bubl player software to all of your favourite cloud storage services. Upload your photos and videos to DropBox, Google Drive and Younity and share them directly from inside the bubl apps. These storage options will all be made available to you as bubl strives to enhance our consumer’s capability to create and share full spherical experiences everywhere.