The Path


THE PATH is a series paired with a “hosted” social experience; a user-friendly platform that will allow both highly engaged fans and passive viewers to interact with each other and participate in activities designed to expand their experience with the franchise.

Created by Kay Reindl and Erin Maher (Millennium, Legend of the Seeker), THE PATH is an urban fantasy, mixing the quirky sensibilities of Veronica Mars with Once Upon a Time’s modern retelling of classic fantasy. THE PATH features a brand-new mythology and a millennial heroine: a down-to-earth girl who’s actually one of a whole new generation of fairies. Delaney will become the centre of an epic story of romance, good vs. evil, and magic vs. mundane. She’ll also find that being the possessor of previously unknown powers won’t change the fact that she still has to get through the everyday hazards of high school – and family life - and unfortunately there’s no spell that’s going to help her score a high mark on her finals.

THE PATH is a series for the digital generation – an experience that understands fandom, community, viewer interaction, and embraces these elements as key components in the overall storytelling experience.


Smokebomb Entertainment


  • Jay Bennett - VP of Digital/Creative Director
  • Veronica Heringer - Transmedia Strategist
  • Steph Ouaknine - Associate Producer
  • Carrie Hayden- Community Cultivator

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