The Ghost Town Project


Imagine a new version of Extreme Home Make Over meets BBC’s Restoration Home where online engagement has real world implications and influence. With one foot in the past and a firm grip on participatory creation THE GHOST TOWN PROJECT will make our online community an active and engaged character in our groundbreaking “online and on TV” series.

The Ghost Town Project: will bring abandoned sites back to life, one building at a time… and we will be there to support and document this extraordinary process.

We will choose 6 locations… ghost sites/ghost towns that have a history, great stories, and a connected community. As we uncover the intimate story of how and why a site was abandoned, we will also look to the future with our restoration team of historians, architects and conservationists.

The Ghost Town Project is a trans-media project that will engage a global audience through our website, IPAD/mobile apps, Facebook, Twitter feeds, dedicated YouTube channel, crowd funding campaigns and and ultimately television. It’s meaningful reality "TV" with positive, user engagement.

The Ghost Town Project will build communities around communities.


We are looking for We are looking for broadcasters, media organizations and other partners (including brands) who believe in social media and the power of transmedia to create powerful stories and social change.Those who are looking to build their audience and community in an innovative way. In April/May we will launch an IndieGoGo campaign for our pilot site, The Keansburg Amusement Park, and will be looking for support.


Intuitive Pictures Inc


  • Ina Fichman - Founder/Executive Producer
  • Valerie Abita - Executive Producer
  • Theresa Kowall-Shipp - Director
  • Marc Beaudet/Turbulent - Interactive Partner

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