Ramen Party



Ramen Party is an interactive storybook app for that introduces children ages 0-4 to the ingredients found in ramen through quirky characters, catchy tunes, and a good ol’ time of fun with food!

Our story starts with Mr. Ramen, who is ready to invite guests to a party. Who should he invite? Users can select guests from a choice of characters (ingredients that we find in traditional Japanese Ramen recipes), that include his old friend Mr. Chasu (pork), the fussy Miss Tomoko (egg), and smart Mr. Negi (green onion).

A series of little interactive stories will then lead each ingredient to the party. Since each character has a unique personality, it seems only fitting that they also have a distinct tune or theme. When the characters finally come together at the party, their individual tunes will blend together create a song — exactly what a party needs!

Ramen Party provides a playful environment for children to learn about food, music... and parties!


Team Leader: Lillian Chan
Team Member: John Poon




Lillian Chan is an award-winning animation filmmaker and director. Her children’s film, Jaime Lo, small and shy, was produced by the National Film Board of Canada, and won public prize at both the Ottawa International Animation Festival and Anima Mundi in Brazil. She continues to animate and design for children’s content and programming, with clients like Disney, Canadian Family, and Nelvana. See her work at www.lilch.ca.

John Poon is a musician, composer and producer from Toronto, Canada. He produces music for a wide range of filmmakers and international recording artists, as well as scoring and mixing for commercial clients including Siegel Gale, Hewlitt-Packard, and UPS.

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