Fall 2012 Cohort



AsapSCIENCE is a community for people to learn and be entertained by the neatest aspects of science and life. With weekly videos covering biology, chemistry, physics, and more, AsapSCIENCE aims to transform the educational landscape by bridging the gap between traditiona...
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The Buffer Festival

Project Description: The festival is presented by ApprenticeA Productions and co-produced with the Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab (CFC Media Lab). The festival showcases the best creative work from video creators on YouTube and takes place across 3 days on November ...
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The Ghost Town Project

Imagine a new version of Extreme Home Make Over meets BBC’s Restoration Home where online engagement has real world implications and influence. With one foot in the past and a firm grip on participatory creation THE GHOST TOWN PROJECT will make our online community ...
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The Path

THE PATH is a series paired with a “hosted” social experience; a user-friendly platform that will allow both highly engaged fans and passive viewers to interact with each other and participate in activities designed to expand their experience with the franchise. Created ...
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Ramen Party

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Ramen Party is an interactive storybook app for that introduces children ages 0-4 to the ingredients found in ramen through quirky characters, catchy tunes, and a good ol’ time of fun with food! Our story starts with Mr. Ramen, who is ready to invit...
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"YT//ST is the result of refinement and focus… requires an Olympic Stadium to contain it." - Pitchfork.com Critically-acclaimed interdisciplinary art collective YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN (YT//ST) presents YOUR TASK // SHOOT THINGS, a mobile game putting an interactive roc...
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